Art Wars: The NYC Art World Game (needs your support!)


Art Wars ( ) is an adventure game set in the New York City Art World where you must navigate the art scene of Downtown NYC. Your goal as an artist is to earn 'cred' points and keep your cash flow positive while in a battle to keep your career and social life intact.

Can you survive and succeed, or are you doomed to life in a cubical? Art Wars is like Oregon Trail meets 2011. Some might even consider this an (almost too) realistic representation of life in NYC as an artist. We are seeking funding to make this project happen and need your support.

In NYC they say you can never have three things at once: a good job, a decent apartment and a relationship... or can you?

Projects: ArtWars
People: Addie Wagenknecht, NORTD, Nor_/d (Addie Wagenknecht + Stefan Hechenberger)
Research: Open Culture, Urban Research, Open Lab, Production Lab
Tags: 8bit, art world, game art, game culture, gaming, new york, nyc, open source