Lasersaur: Open Source Laser Cutter


Be a part of history! Support the cause and open source fabrication. Pledge now!

Laser cutters are a key technology for making things.

Remember when people couldn't make their own videos, CDs or print out photos? Me neither (at least we try to forget). In many areas of media, the last century was quite the read-only culture where a few gatekeepers would sit on the means to produce everything. Not the best situation for creativity or for people with lots of cool ideas but no cash.

How can you help? Your pledge is what makes this project possible and the more funded the community, the faster we can make this happen.

Once our funding goal is reached, the first prototype will be formulated. With material testing and debugging underway we can make a solid alpha system in about 6 months. At this point, start checking your snail mail box for the alpha kit (see pledges link on how to get one).

Once our alpha testers have had a chance to geek out for a few months, we will launch into beta with the beta testers. Then collaborators. Our goal is to launch publicly within a few months thereafter, releasing the project, documentation and schematics to the greater good.

We will offer the Lasersaur open source system documentation online for anyone wishing to build their system from scratch complete with software, sample cut files and instructions.