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Eyebeam is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2012 Fall/Winter Residencies beginning in late September. All incoming artists and technologists receive generous stipends and 24/7 access to Eyebeam's design, research, and fabrication studios. Eyebeam residencies support the creative research, production and presentation of initiatives querying art, technology and culture. This 5 month residency is a period of concentration and immersion in artistic investigation, daring research and production of visionary, experimental applications and projects.


Sarah Grant

Jonas Lund (recipient of collaborative residency with Baltan Laboratories)

Jonathan Vingiano




We've launched a Kickstarter campaign, running until 9AM July 6, to build a new, more public exhibition and hang out area for YOU! This renovation will provide a multi-use exhibition and presentation space in addition to our existing bookstore, here in Chelsea. 

The reconfigured space will allow us to showcase works by current artists and alumni in clear view of the street and give us a better public space for book-signings, performances, and parties. We're even planning to add a pop-up coffee shop! 

To do this, we need your help!! 


Eyebeam is pleased to announce its Open Call for 2012 Fall / Winter Residencies. Up to six Residents will join continuing Fellows and Residents in September 2012 at Eyebeam's shared design, research, and fabrication labs.

This season, Eyebeam is also receiving applications for a Collaborative Residency with Baltan Laboratories in the Netherlands. 

Eyebeam Residents are selected from a semiannual open call and receive a 5-month residency with stipend in support of project realization.

RESIDENCY DEADLINE: June 22, 12PM (noon).

Interested in applying? Why not attend our Open Studios June 29th and 30th to speak to some of our current Fellows and Residents and tour the facilities.


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A small crowd assembles in Eyebeam’s mainspace. Rows of red, metal chairs have been hastily arranged facing an elevated stage upon which perches a pair of welcoming armchairs. Two artists will soon be dialog, Eyebeam fellow Mark Shepard and honorary resident Jordan Crandall. For many years, both artists have been engaged with problems of data and urbanism, an interest that has inflected their respective works at Eyebeam. Mark and Jordan have organized this evening’s dialogue to discuss the following prompt: What constitutes the urban today? Or, perhaps more precisely: how might we think about the constitution of the urban today? It is a conversation that has been incubating for several months in Eyebeam’s Urban Research Group.



The first in an ongoing series of reflections, written by an anthropologist at Eyebeam.

   I began my research initiative at Eyebeam Atelier a little over a year now, interning with the residency and fellows program. Preparing to conduct a dissertation project on hackerspaces as urban political spaces, I have come to Eyebeam to learn about hackerspaces’ nearest kinfolk: the media lab. In this bustling workshop on the edge of Chelsea, every day is filled with energy and excitement. Each week, artists create works and projects that astound, baffle, challenge, divert, and excite. Yet, no matter how playful or formalistic these works have been, I cannot help but see fragments of political urgency woven throughout each of them.




tomorrow will be my last post, yes? as the residency has ended, and this is denouement. so oud for your enjoyment. I'll give out URLs tomorrow for continuation of everything elsewhere. thanks for everything, Eyebeam!!!


People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: sound, oud, pain, death


the only thing i can really say in favor of my work is that i try to be
absolutely honest. this doesn't mean things aren't hidden; there are
things i curse myself for daily, hourly, that remain in the dark, that i
try to subvert, repress, rescind. but what is said is the truth as i find
it, which of course is no truth at all. i am a brilliant musician for
example by virtue of being a fraud; i am a selfish friend and lover
perhaps, always on the mend, emending, making amends. i believe others may
be the same, feel the same, scratch away at similar surfaces; for example,
celine was braver than i, perhaps vile to a greater degree. i know where i
stand; like other deluded people, perhaps, if i am so, i revel in my mind,
in the dismal horizon of future discovery which will never come, but
always seems just within reach. if at this point i am a menace to others,

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