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If you've got big ideas, could use a little time and money, not to mention support and inspiration, to create a visionary project, then go apply to our Summer/Fall Residency.  This is the last week of the cycle!

Residents are granted a $5,000 stipend and 24/7 access to Eyebeam's state of the art digital design and fabrication studios at their Chelsea facility.  Come work with us!


The Urine to Fertilizer Kits were on display at the Museum of Modern art as part of their exhibition for Earth Day. Other works in the show included Isabella Rossellini's fabulous Green Porno series, Superflex's Flooded McDonald's, and Michel de Broin's Pedal-powered Buick.


April 17: Sleep Dealer out in cinemas

Location: Los Angeles and New York

Sleep Dealer (by Eyebeam alum Alex Rivera) is a science-fiction, but has nothing do to with space aliens, or cops who shoot robots. It's a film of ideas, and it looks at the future from a perspective never seen before: from south of the border, looking at America from the outside. A.O. Scott of The New York Times says: SLEEP DEALER is "Exuberantly entertaining-a dystopian fable of globalization disguised as a science-fiction adventure … ." SLEEP DEALER is a thriller filled with lush visuals and big ideas about the future of war, immigration, the environment, and the border.

Go with a friend, or organize a group to support this film, and in the process support the idea of a more wild, diverse, and relevant cinema!


Last night we held a How To Apply - Eyebeam Residencies forum here in New York.  I expected maybe 30 people, but over 100 showed up.  It was a great chance for applicants to ask questions about the residency program.  A lot of commonly raised issues were ironed out, with insights provided by recent Residency Curatorial Panelist Robert Ransick (Bennington College, Vermont) and current Eyebeam Senior Fellow Steve Lambert (Parsons/The New School and Hunter College).  Thanks to them both, and Amanda, for taking the time out to help make the application process as clear as possible for everyone involved.


Looking for that dream job in the computer game industry but don't have the technical skills to make it happen? Throw that mouse or joystick aside and try the new webcam-enabled training exercises from the School of Perpetual Training. If you like to play Dig Dug, train for a job in mineral mining. Or if Tetris is more your speed, train for a job in global shipping and distribution. The motion tracking programs are simple and easy to use. The online interface lets you train again and again until you're satisfied with your global market value. Don't waste another minute. Get started today!


On Monday, April 6th, at 7:00 Britta and Rebecca had a show at Terence Koh's gallery space (Asia Song Society or ASS) as the first installment in their new programming series, Expel. They created fertilizer from participants' urine over the course of the evening. The event was the latest in a series of workshops that get people intimately involved in their waste cycle. For photos and video, see


On Monday, April 6th, at 7:00 we've got a show at Terence Koh's gallery space (Asia Song Society or ASS) as the first installment in their new programming series, Expel.

You drink beer. Then, pee in a cup. We'll turn it into fertilizer while you dance and socialize. At the end of the evening, we will scoop some fertilizer back into your cup and you can take it home to fertilize your plants.

Asia Song Society

45 Canal St, between Orchard and Ludlow.

Monday, April 6th, 7-9pm.

This is part of the Drink.Pee.Drink.Pee.Drink.Pee project, along with the installation and Urine to Fertilizer DIY Kit we created here at Eyebeam in March of 2008.

Projects: Workshop 1
People: Rachel Green, Jen Park, Di Mainstone, Aline
Research: Urban Research
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