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People: Taeyoon Choi
Tags: K-pop

Melodica Duets with Industrial Lift at Eyebeam (performance space)

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People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: sound, 3D printing, lanscape

People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: oud, sound


People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: sound, oud

Why I can't sleep

I begin by thinking about my being a very old man; I continue by thinking
each day might be the day where a lump or pain becomes something else,
where the body turns its course against me, and that day will be a day of
division. Or perhaps there will be a night from which there is no
awakening, and this remains deeply unimaginable. I continue by thinking
about my family relationships, how I have to permanently sever ties with
people who were dear to me, simply in order to psychically survive. This
leads to a recent article on post-traumatic stress syndrome, the obdurate
circulation of memories which become a permanent part of the psychic
landscape: something to trip over. After death they're meaningless, just



played on Maurice Shehata oud, which I purchased today,
I've looked for an instrument like this for a while,
and the owner gave me a beautiful risha (pick) to use
with it, and from this Darkness came, and please listen,
and thank you -

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: oud, sound

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: sound research
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