artworks or field of operations

I've been thinking about my projects for Eyebeam during the residency period. I tend to work, not on specific objects or processes, but on fields, series or collections of images, videos, audioworks, objects, nothing with beginnings and nothing with endings. I walked around Eyebeam photographing as many spaces as I could. I haven't sounded it out yet; I'll do that at night with the vibration meter and mizmar (an Egyptian oboe). I want to work with sound in the space, reproduce spaces in Second Life, project them back. I want to record VLF radio - very low frequency from around 3 hz to 3k hz, and study the spikes produced by the magnetosphere and particle decays. I need fast software for this; Marko and Roddy and Jon Chors have been very helpful. I have to advertise for interns to help with this, if it's at all possible. And I want to work with 3d printing, reproducing some of the .obj from the distorted 'wounded' avatar figures I've produced from rewritten or reorganized motion capture equipment. So there are these issues again of the body, of pain, but also of the field - the idea of a field of production for example, or the interpenetration of physical space (Eyebeam) with the magnetosphere or lightning whistlers etc. Bodies against or among bodies, dissolving or entangled bodies, bodies of text or data, and so forth. I'm hoping to work with Leslie Thornton, Monika Weiss, and Foofwa d'Imobilite - producing what? installations, choreography/performance, sound... Those would be intensifications, momentary stases among the flow... And I've been thinking about how my work is so unclear in this regard, so messy, dis/comforting; it's hard to talk about. And in the meantime, my father is dying, our father is dying, and time continues to murmur, as if something were being said, if only we were sensitive enough to hear it.