Last day today


Last day today
Today was the best day ever, incredible performances:
Chris Diasparra, baritone sax
Foofwa d'Imobilite, dance and choreography
Azure Carter, dance, choreography, and song
Mark Skwarek, augmented reality
Alan Sondheim, video, flute, ken bau, cura cumbus, oud

We went continuously for three hours, changing audio, video,
instrumentation, choreographies

Then we crashed and broke the mold, watching in Second Life
a recap of what we did, in a decathected setting
so many hours after we left the scene - both real and virtual
and somewhere in-between or outside any conceivable reality!
We can't put the original 3 hr performance up; it's over 100
gigabytes and downloading for a WEEK!

So what you're seeing is just a warmup after twenty minutes
of arriving - setting video/audio levels for the first piece!