playing melodica


playing melodica with reverb with reverb with reverb and pitch shift

yes, short of breath, but then a bit of the baritone
more experimentation, heading towards organ-saxophone
but thinking about shakuhachi which is unfair to both instruments

child companion reason period blessing melody
tiny mournful signal calling in soup of melody
and eate him with great melody. And so when they haue
nor grimmer sound than melody,
girldepressing melody of girlgimmick-girl girl girled stiffth
fast and furious; the melody is absurdly simple, repeated with

o violence! o melody!
of o violence! o melody!

i speak, language disappears into melody. there is a difficulty with
melody just as there is a difficulty with cleverness. Cleverness is a
tiny mournful signal calling in soup of melody,
called a 'haunting melody,' you can never forget it,
everyone. you may find your fingers tapping out the melody
or your day on melody.
producing the melody of a sparrow
producing the melody of Brahma,
the brutal melody of death and mourning ...

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: melodica, music, sound