Project and Water

This is just a news update of sorts; since I posted last, the rains have gotten worse, our place is leaking badly in New York, but more to the point, Wilkes-Barre/Kingston, where my father lived, is now under mandatory evacuation orders. We were going to go down this morning to deal with his effects, and for the funeral, and all this is cancelled; my brother and sister-in-law are there (in Kingston at the house) and have to leave; they're not sure where they're going to go, and are trying to save the house. So again in a sense 'reality intrudes' on various (theoretical, virtual) orders of pain, in this case primarily psychological/emotional.

Fifty-thousand people are being evacuated. The roads won't hold them.

How does this effect the residency? Not directly, but through the concept of writing through the disaster, taking off from Blanchot... More later.

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