Returning from Pennsylvania and eulogies

father immaterial

for occasions: floods, family stress, father's death, thefts, illness, allergic reactions, threats of physical violence, internment, loss, fury, collapse, hunger for new york

solo 1931 steinway baby grand, sometime voice

'a document'

lived in this house from 1952-60, returned for short or long periods oftime over the next 51 years. so this was, after the cleaning, the finalstay, and because it, and the landscape and river and coal, figured somuch in my work, i took a last 'walk around the block' in the middle ofthe night, talking about a departure-event which often passes unnoticed,and so is hereby recorded. please forgive the maudlin, the sentimental;given my state of mind, i was lucky to make the walk and recording at all.

thus 'a document.'


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