wwo, hynagogic, uncanny, tulips


wwo hypnagogic, uncanny, tulips

http://www.alansondheim.org/hypnagogic.mp4 (silent)

began as dream or hypnagogic imagery, transforms within the pressure
of going to bed, hypnagogic imagery on the way to ... accompanied by
vivid eidetic or hypnagogic imagery: "Some hackers report by dreamwork,
by eidetic imagery, by hypnagogic imagery, by imagery at poetry,
poetics, hallucinations, hypnagogic imagery, and meditations." Nikuko
falling asleep: My dreams are hypnagogic; there is metal at work, and
sickness, hypnagogic imagery, trance phenomena, orgasm, "emotions,"
that Jennifer will come to me, or hypnagogic imaginaries.

hfighters are
chastffffjjjjjjjfighters are
chastising the bombers. the bombers have been compared to beautiful
flowers. if the bombers are fklowers, they are tulips.
the bus is a disguise. the bus is filled with bombs and munitions. the
rtargets are very dangerous. the targets are cars. the cars are
super-obvious.such a magic has never been seen before in this or any other
it is always dizzying watching magic.
two is always better than one, two is the perfection of one
no, it is true, i cannot see now whatever it is I have been doing. or to
yes, somewhere there is.
it is full of danger and it is full of delight.
now it's an issue of meditation.

the bombers are coming in for a landing. the bombers are being chased.
fighters are chasing the bombers. if the bombers are flowers, they are
roses. there are trees and a bus most likely a school bus. the bus is a
target in the trees.h the cars are ovbvious. they are every obvious. we
will kill the cars. we will kill the buses. the buses are super-cars.
the woman flies incrediby ly high above the clouds. she turns and twists
and wouldn't you know it, a kind of magic issuecomes forth. when
there is the possibility of one, there is the
possihbilitygilfbilibility of two
and there is such loss when i am moving blidlhy omomindlhyy in
this world of lfflight and fancy.
\\somewhere there is a sometime, is there not.
and i is true that it is very dangerous, that is t is fulll of danger.

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