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CAA's (College Art Association) 99th Annual Conference in New York.

The 2010–2015 CAA Strategic Plan calls on CAA to re-imagine and reinvigorate alternative approaches to the annual conference. In line with this effort, major artists, scholars, and visual arts professionals have been identified and invited to help us begin rethinking the conference through key Centennial Sessions. These sessions take as their starting point core concepts related to the visual arts, such as diversity, experience, feminism, globalization, medium, technology, and traditions.

12th February 2011, New York, 2:30-5:00pm (8:30-11:00 pm, CET)

Chaired by Eyebeam Advisory Council member Chris Csikszentmihályi and Mark Tribe, the panel was commissioned by CAA for its 100th anniversary, one of a half-dozen “Centennial Sessions” <> that hope to reflect on the differences between the last Century and this one.  In a period where our influences, relationships, and collaborations are increasingly happening through electronic telecommunications, and our attention spans are perhaps transforming accordingly, we though it would make sense to structure the panel along similar lines.  Wrangling twenty one panelists, each joining from a different part of the world -- and some of them artists, no less! -- will certainly be a timing and technical challenge.

The participants are individuals from different parts of the visual arts who have been brought together to debate and construct a session around one of these concepts. These unusual combinations of members have been charged to approach the topic in any way that will spark new conversations and foster new approaches to sharing and exchanging knowledge at CAA’s annual conference: Ayah Bdeir (Beirut), Cornelia Sollfrank (Germany), Eva and Franco Mattes (NY), George Lewis (NY), Julia Scher (Köln), Kelly Dobson (Providence), Manu Luksh (Kerala), Mary Flanagan (NY), Natalie Jeremijenko (NY), Ntone Edjabe (Capetown), Paula Perissinotto (Sao Paulo), Peter Weibel (Karlsruhe), Raqs Media Collective (Delhi), Regine Debatty (Turin, Brussels), Sara Diamond (Toronto), The ghost of Alan Kaprow (San Diego/Nirvana), Trevor Paglen (NY/San Francisco), Harun Farocki (Beirut)

Event stream:

People: Chris Csikszentmihályi, Mark Tribe