Eyebeamers at Transmediale.11. Feb 1-6.


With RESPONSE:ABILITY, transmediale.11 puts forward a call to action in terms of how we live on and with the Internet today. Eyebeamers certainly have taken on the challenge: if you're in Berlin in early February, check it out! Mark Shepard's 2010 Eyebeam/V2_ residency project, Serendiptor, is nominated for a transmediale Award, as is Scott Kildall's Wikipedia Art with Nathaniel Stern. Mushon Zer-Aviv, with Galia Offri, is launching a new project, Wikipedia Illustrated, which seeks to draft a new path toward visual free culture; he's also participating on the 'Digital Liveness' panel, moderated by Drew Hemment. Evan Roth's Graffiti Markup Language and FLOSS Manual's Booki (Adam Hyde, Douglas Bagnall, and Aleksandar Erkalovic) have both been nominated for The Open Web Award. Friedrich Kirschner will exhibit 3D Fluid Scanning, which builds on his Eyebeam Inkscanner project. Mouna Andraos, with Melissa Mongi, presents The Radio Of Songs In People's Heads and other stories. Ubermorgen.COM is running piracy workshops. Paul Vanouse is showing Latent Figure Protocol and a bio-art-lab. Jordan Crandall, who has been nominated for this year's Vilém Flusser Theory Award, is delivering a performative lecture, 'Gatherings 1: Event, Agency, and Program.'