Meet Eyebeam's 2013 Spring/Summer Fellows and Residents


Eyebeam is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2013 Spring/Summer Residencies and 2013 Fellowships, beginning in March. Residencies have been awarded to 7 artists and Fellowships have been awarded to 4 artists. The research-based practices represented by this cohort will focus on a broad spectrum of topics including web-based poetics; online information biases; Cyberfeminism and online art in the early 90's; and relationships to the virtual in everyday life. All incoming artists and technologists receive generous stipends and 24/7 access to Eyebeam's design, research and fabrication studios. 

Critical questioning of the status quo and a belief in progress are core values of Eyebeam. This has been demonstrated through 15 years of experimentation via creative use and misuse of technology with the goal to innovate and develop better relationships between people and tools. This incoming group of artists and technologists is a testament to Eyebeam's ongoing commitment to supporting work that involves community-interdependence and resourcefulness, learning, curiosity and creative exploration.

"The invitation extended to this  group of innovators is the culmination of a months-long review process that rigorously and democratically works to select the most visionary and cutting-edge practitioners," says Roddy Schrock, Director of Programs and Residencies at Eyebeam. "This collection of artists and technologists are grouped together with the hopes that they will collectively spark off one another resulting in works that will help direct the future of creative technology and the arts".

We couldn't be more excited for them to start working in-house next month.

Jonathan Minard
Laurel Ptak
Katie Torn
Brad Troemel

Spring/Summer 2013 RESIDENTS
Chika Iijima
Greg Leuch
Lauren McCarthy
Joe McKay and Kristin Lucas
Katayoun Vaziri and Hadjar Homaei

External review panelists 
Omar Kholief - Writer and Curator, Founder and Director of the UK's recurring Arab Film Festival

Marisa Mazria-Katz - Journalist, Editor of Creative Time Reports

Jace Clayton - DJ and Producer (DJ /rupture), Eyebeam Alumnus

Kathleen Forde - Artistic Director at Large for Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul

Magdalena Sawon - Director of Postmasters Gallery, New York

Heather Corcoran - Executive Director of Rhizome, New York

Paola Antonelli -  Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, MoMA

Eyebeam fellows on review panel
Paolo Cirio 
Lindsay Howard
Ramsey Nasser
Nick Fox-Gieg
Caroline Woolard