On Our Minds and in Our Lenses

On Our Minds and In Our Lenses is a four part curated program of video responses to the current issues, interests, passions and obsessions bubbling to the surface in our heads and conversations and taking form in the videos we produce.
It is curated by former Eyebeam alumns Norene Leddy and Liz Slagus, the screenings will be at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ at 73 Market St. The exhibition runs from March 5th - April 9th every Saturday night, check out the schedule below.

Week 2: Insects

The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly; we document, fear, obsess about and worship.

1. Karla Carballar
"Esperame en le cielo corazon"
2. Yuliya Lanina
"Winter Wonderland"
3. Annie Heckman
"Becoming Formless"
4. Hilda Daniel
5. Lord Knows Compost

Week 3: Food

What the hell are we producing and eating? Food is such a hot topic; from discussions about genetically modified and engineered natural products to the somewhat ironic concept of organic food production. What is the state of food today?

1. Susan Kirby
"Don't Put That In Your Mouth"
2. Karin Bandelin
"Petit dejeuner au Maroc"
3. Amanda Thackray
"Consumption: Mayo"
4. Lord Knows Compost

Week 4: Education/Schmeducation

How and who's learning? What is going on in education in the greater sense? Is it a matter of funding? What is the role of race or class?

1. Rebecca Herman and Mark Shoffner
"Easy to Draw Dictators"
2. Andrew Demirjian
"Ah Um"
3. Nicolas Dumit Estevez
"USA Paradisiaca"