Open Hardware Definition v1.0 RELEASED


After many many months of discussion, writing, and debate, version 1.0 of the Open Source Hardware Definition and statement of principles has been released!

This is BIG NEWS, for everyone who does open source hardware we finally have something we can put on our pages, stamp on our boards and say THIS is open source hardware! Of course this is just a first step, and we look forward to working on next versions, but still, this is a very important step for our community.

Unlike the Open Source Software Movement, the open hardware movement didn't really have definitive licenses, definitions and a strong foundation, and for the most part, the movement has been growing in an ad-hoc way. A little less than a year ago, we invited a small group of stakeholders to Eyebeam to discuss Open Hardware, and at the advice of Creative Commons, we set out to create a community-driven definition for Open Source Hardware. Since then, the discussion has grown significantly and spread to forums, blogs, the Open Hardware Summit, email lists, and the list of contributors expanded exponentially. Today we announce a major milestone for the movement: the Open Hardware Definition v1.0!

The Definition already has a bunch of endorsements. I would like to thank every person that contributed, wrote, gave feedback, criticism, etc.

PLEASE help by spreading the word, blogging, tweeting, writing, endorsing, and applying!

The full definition is here. For discussion, feedback, and contribution to v.1.1, please join the forum.

Cheers and congratulations to all.



ONLINE (in progress)