Windowfarms Workshop Saturday October 24 2-4 pm RSVP now!



RSVP by sending the number in your party to (limit 30 people).

Windowfarms are vertical hydroponic, veggie-producing curtains made primarily of recycled materials or parts available at local hardware stores. New Yorkers can grow a portion of their own organic food year-round in their apartments and offices by building windowfarms from open source designs that keep evolving through mass collaboration at At the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn more about the Windowfarms Project, R&D-I-Y, and hydroponics
  • See various windowfarm models
  • Build one of the latest versions designed for the Whitney together
  • Get help designing a system customized for their windows and troubleshoot suspension issues
  • Be able to purchase some kit components (maybe- supplies are limited)
  • Learn how to use the windowfarms site to share their own innovations

Workshop Requirements: Please bring the following

  • A printout of a picture showing window depth and what’s around it for the window you are thinking about using for your windowfarm.
  • Thoughts about how to secure your windowfarm inside your window: drill a few hooks in above? somewhere to clamp? need a standalone base? suction cups on the glass? use existing curtain rods?
  • A list of the kinds of plants you would like to grow.
  • Take 7 measurements of the indoor side of your window (see below for specific measurement details).
  • 3 to 5 1.5 liter Poland Springs or Deer Park water bottles that we will cut to get you started
  • A checkbook (if you think you may want to buy some of our limited supply of "kit" materials- availability and cost still TBD)


a-height of glass area
b- width of glass area
c- height of frame interior
d-width of frame interior
e- depth of sill
f- height from floor to window
g- height from window to ceiling
h- distance to nearest power outlet in feet