Rainy Days Suck...

Rainy days do really suck! Today was our second meeting with Adriana and Christina. We decided last meeting that we should probably go to the park (Maria Hernandez Park) to get a feel for what we would be up to. Unfortunately, the sky decided to pour on us the whole time. The good news is, we actually got a lot done, walking in the rain.

The rain led us to realize, "what should we do if it starts to rain on the day of the event?" We were able to touch somewhat on that idea, but were able to come up with great ideas.

We also got a chance to walk around the neighborhood, and I found this awesome garbage place that will let us take some of it with us...and they seemed to have pretty good stuff piled high...so we'll see about that.

Anyway I'm excited to see what they have, and we're going to get right to it on monday, when we meet again here in Bushwick!