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I am involved in a project that aims to share open source technology and skills to global youth.  I am already running a pilot with schools in Liverpool UK and Brooklyn and the youth are incredibly excited.

Here are my thoughts on why I am doing this:

This is a project based on the belief that through the spirit of openness, creativity and innovation are fostered, challenges are overcome and real change happens.  The platform is a vehicle to share open source technology, skills and peer to peer feedback thus creating informed global youth who can participate in shaping the world they are inheriting.  It aims to provide them with the tools, expertise and support to become not just consumers of culture but change makers.  Roebling, built on cutting edge open source software is determined to break down borders, whether they be technological, financial or physical. 

I need you to add a comment so this project gets funded and becomes reality.  It takes a minute to register on the website and then you can add a comment on the project page which is here

thank you so much for your help and support.