TM 2010 >> Class Wargames

Politics is the continuation of war by other means. And wargames are a continuation of politics by other means. So listen with great care and internalize well, fellow workers: Terrain! Combat! Cavalry! Arsenals! And Lines of Communication!

“The Game of War is a Clausewitz simulator: a Napoleonic-era military strategy game where armies must maintain their communications structure to survive – and where victory is achieved by smashing your opponent’s supply network rather than by taking their pieces.”

“Rules seemed the limit to this game and they remained vague enough throughout that night.”

“You just want to touch these minimalist figurines and shapes all the time.”

Richard Barbrook – a cyber communist, book author, activist and player – introduced his latest situationist film project: Guy Debord’s The Game of War. It exists to explain the ideas and goals behind this strategy game. It also is to prepare you for the actual game…

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