Session 3 of The Diego de la Vega Experimental Economics + Finance research group


The Diego de la Vega Experimental Economics + Finance research group presents

Alicia Herrero speaking on "Matters of the Public"

Matters of the Public, a Symposium in Three Acts, was principally an excercise in freedom that explores diverse artistic genres. It deals with performative talks and the theatricality of institutional spaces and public heritage (e.g. banks, the senate…) that, after being staged, were circulated virally as videos & publicarions. These performative talks brought together under the mimetic form of a Symposium in Three Acts (Knowledge, Economy, Emancipation) the debate over the redistribution of economic and symbolic capital from the perspective of public rights (micro and macro). Musicians, regisseurs, marxist economists, and self-organized social groups that have their own economies got together to problematize the pressures of capital over the dominant narratives of the history of knowledge and art, economic theories and practices, as well as democratic practice.

The active and reverberating participation of society and discontent are forcing contemporary democracies to be more open, emancipated, with less hegemony of corporate power, as well as new forms of agency, new potentialities of the public. Matters of the Public is part of this participative multiplicity.
-Alicia Herrero

Alicia Herrero is an artist who lives in Buenos Aires whose practices explores the limits of artistic genres and the contradictions of art practices in the culture of capitalism. She develops Art & Capital series employing resources of: mimesis and camouflage, theater, novel or tv talks, radical methods from economy, tactics of law or cartography, including the beginning projects amongst others: Auctions Market & Money that inquiring the art economy and produces legal tools; Magazine in Situ critical live situations and online publication; Public Considerations, a Symposium in Three Acts, performative-talks in several auditoria of the city, videos and publication in the frame of LIPAC platforms (Laboratory of Investigation into Contemporary Artistic Practices at CCRRojas-Buenos Aires University (UBA) and The Revolutionary Journey!, a Navigated Novel.

Wed 25 of january, 7-9 pm. 
@ Eyebeam conference room.
540 W 21st St  New York, 10011
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