Spacebank @ Creative Time's Living As Form exhibition


Fran Ilich's Spacebank will be shown at Creative Time’s major exhibition Living as Form. Spacebank is a Latin American virtual community investment bank trading online since the beginning of the Otra Campaña Zapatista in 2005. Anyone can open an account with only $10 USD, and invest on the Brooklyn Stock Exchange <>, as well as participate in the construction of the political economy of the Digital Material Sunflower (which is Spacebank's virtual currency) currently backed up by hijacked Ai Weiwei's porcelaine sunflower seeds, vintage analogue synths and over $40,000 USD in deposits, forex, precious metals, precious stones, and investments in major and minor capitalist markets, as well as alternate commodity markets like organic Zapatista Coffee and Corn. 

Living as Form is an unprecedented survey of the last twenty years of socially engaged art. Living as Form (September 23–October 16, 2011) will include over 100 artist projects, six new commissions, a multitude of events, and will open with the third annual Creative Time Summit.