The Economist Mexico Summit 2011: Change from the bottom up.


On october 6th I will be speaking of Spacebank socio-economic line of action at The Economist Mexico Summit 2011: Change from the bottom up, on the panel Activist nation: Transparency and influence in the age of social networks. Some of the speakers on the summit include: Fran Ilich (Eyebeam Art and Technology Center / Diego de la Vega), Helen Joyce (Sao Paulo correspondent of The Economist), Marcelo Ebrard (Head of Government of Mexico City), Harry A. Patrinos (Lead Education Economist @ World Bank), Alejandro Ramírez (CEO of Cinépolis), Alvaro Rodríguez Arregui (CEO of Banco Compartamos), César Gaviria (Ex-president of Colombia and Secretary General of Organization of American States), Iqbal Z. Quadir (director, Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT), Marisa Morales Ibañez (Attorney General, Mexico), Felipe Calderon (President of Mexico), Josefina Vázquez Mota (ex-secretary of Education of Mexico and member of National Action Party, PAN).

Programme theme
For decades, entrepreneurs have argued that innovation and positive change happens on the edge--driven by people who break the rules instead of obey them. Many business leaders now favour bottom-up and horizontal management over heavy, top-down leadership. Similarly, sustainable cultural, social and political change is propelled through grassroots activism rather than policies imposed from the top. Because true political reform has been slow, many Mexicans argue that real change must happen almost entirely from the bottom up. Can emboldened individuals from different parts of civil society push for the change Mexico needs to flourish? Can Mexico build a high-growth economy from the bottom up? What models from outside Mexico can be successfully applied inside? This year’s Mexico Summit is an opportunity to meet the leaders, activists, entrepreneurs and creative minds who are propelling large-scale change in Mexico and beyond. The Economist will bring to life the fresh ideas and practical solutions for addressing head-on some of Mexico’s most persistent corporate and political challenges. We will help decision-makers chart a new course for growth and prosperity in the coming decades, and better understand how to drive lasting change from the bottom up.

Projects: Spacebank
People: Fran Ilich