Announcing the inaugural season of 2-UP, a series of collaborative editions launching in February 2010.

2-UP is a collaborative poster project. Comprised of 16 artists and writers, each month 2-UP pairs two of its members together to produce a double-sided newsprint poster, packaged in twos. The content of each poster is entirely a product of the participants 'up' each month. The complete series of 2-UP editions is available as a monthly mail subscription.

2-UP embodies a creative model for the collaborative production and distribution of art. Production of each poster is funded by monthly contributions from all sixteen participants. All proceeds from the sale of posters and subscriptions to the series are re-invested into 2-UP.

Our goal is to make art that is affordable and obtainable; we are making low-cost multiples in large editions, guided by the idea that the value of art can exist independently of money and irrespective of rarity.

Initiated by Joe Winter and Adam Shecter, 2-UP is Monika Zarzeczna + Nathan Lee, Colleen Asper + Davina Semo, Zerek Kempf + Cathy Park Hong, Benjamin Dowell + Mores McWreath, Craig Kalpakjian + Glen Fogel, Benjamin Kress + Cate Marvin, Adam Shecter + Matthea Harvey, and Christian Hawkey + Joe Winter.

Projects: 2-UP
People: Joe Winter
Tags: collaboration, poster, publication