Sentient City Survival Kit @ ISEA2010 RUHR


Greetings from ISEA2010 RUHR in Dortmund, Germany, where I'm exhibiting the Sentient City Survival Kit, developed during a joint residency between Eyebeam and V2_ Intstitute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam. The exhibition is curated by Andreas Broeckmann and Stefan Riekeles.

On Friday, August 27 at 3:00pm in the RWE Tower Gallery I'll be presenting as part of V2's Test_Lab session, where this summer's resident artists will perform and demonstrate their work in a hands-on way.

Installation View

It's been an intense twelve weeks and many thanks are due to the incredible staff at both labs who work hard to make extroadinary things possible. In particular I want to thank Jamie O'Shea, Marko Tandefelt and Roddy Schrock at Eyebeam and Rui Guerra, David Jonas, Jan Misker, Ivana Hilj, Piem Wirtz and Anne-Mercedes Langhorst at V2_ for their contributions and support.

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