Nike Better World

A couple of days ago I met with the Nike Better World team ( and learned that they will soon be releasing over ten years of materials research in an index titled the "Considered Design Index". Soon after they will be able to make all of their new patents public, including cardboard boxes using 35% less cardboard than the previous box. For them, this ongoing work is done to sustain their industry. They realize that their industry will only be profitable if they take large steps towards making business sustainable on every level: considering air quality, peoples' quality of life, water quality and abundance, waste and natural resources. They acknowledge they still have a lot of work to do in this area. I was impressed, considering an article that caught my eye in Harvard Business Review a couple of months ago on Value Chain Indices called "The Sustainable Industry". The article suggests businesses form rating systems for products based on the entire cradle to grave cycle, that can be used by stores' buyers as well as customers before they decide to purchase something:  The index Yvon Chouinard, Jib Ellison, and Rick Ridgeway are suggesting in the HBR article is what Nike Better World has been creating for the past ten years with the Considered Design Index. Its launch in February could help designers, artists, builders, and others find hard-to-locate information on a material's past, present, and future ecological and human impact.