Eyebeam in Objects featuring new work by Eyebeam artists


Eyebeam in Objects featuring new work by Eyebeam artists

Upfor Gallery, Portland, OR
September 3 - October 10 2015 

Since 1997, New York-based Eyebeam has actively provided support for and exposure of projects that critically engage with emerging technology and crack it open in unexpected ways.

This exhibition opening 3 September at Portland's Upfor Gallery is curated by Eyebeam’s Director, Roddy Schrock, who is challenging some of Eyebeam’s most forward-looking and adventurous alumni working in areas ranging from conceptual to sound arts, to render their work into object form.

In our current “internet-of-everything” age, wherein information is immediate and ubiquitous, physical objects themselves have taken on a new immediacy. Their ability as poetic interface makes them a necessary part of creating appropriate metaphors to understand the highly complex algorithm driven world in which we live. The resultant pieces challenge, quiz, and interrogate notions of materiality and its porous relationship to data and concepts.

The exhibition will feature new works by Eyebeam alumni: Addie Wagenknecht, Brian House, Chloë Bass, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, James Bridle, Zach Blas and Zach Gage.