Eyebeam Refocus


In the past 18 years, Eyebeam has ignited the careers of nearly 300 visionary creators in emerging technologies and artistic practice. Today we are announcing a refocus on our primary mission: to support the next generation of artists, engineers, thinkers and makers who are not only building the future but are critically engaging with and creating its tools, working for a positive impact in the world.

As Eyebeam's new Director, Roddy Schrock is making his key focus the development of the strongest creative studio for emerging practice in the world, utilizing and building from his experience of having run Eyebeam’s Residencies. Eyebeam is using this opportunity to drill down on how we can even more actively fuse creative practices from a wide spectrum. We are refreshing and re-centering on what we do best, in a focused and urgent way.

Since our move to our current light-filled Creative Studios in Brooklyn, full of new equipment and uninterrupted workspace, we have been refocusing on what matters most and that is the talent that we support and foster through our Creative Residencies Program. This program is made up of Project Residencies (what was known as residencies) and Research Residencies (what we have called fellowships).

While we refocus on the Creative Residencies Program, we will still maintain our community engaging programs through exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops lead by the very residents we support.

With our illustrious history and great staff, Eyebeam is taking a clear turn towards the future, building on the work that has already been done and zeroing in on the potential of Eyebeam’s Creative Residencies Program. As we move towards our twentieth year, we hope you will actively join us as we continue to grow towards the future.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come!