Joanne McNeil and Dan Phiffer DML Trust Competition Winners


Eyebeam is pleased to announce that resident Joanne McNeil and collaborator Dan Phiffer are winners of the Digital Media and Learning Competition’s Trust Challenge. The Trust Challenge seeks solutions to issues of trust, privacy, and safety in connected learning today. McNeil and Phiffer’s proposal “OurNet: Building Trusted Network Infrastructures for Youth” was chosen from a competitive pool of contestants.

OurNet: Building Trusted Network Infrastructures for Youth” is a series of workshops for students teaching them how to build a simplified social network that would be unique to their classroom and also a private internal network without using an internet service provider (ISP). This project will empower students with a basic understanding of the key components of network infrastructure, while at the same time enabling them to develop their own private networks.

Documentation for this proposal was based on existing projects: Phiffer's "" and Paul Ford's "Tilde Club".