Announcing 2014 Spring/Summer Residents


Eyebeam is thrilled to announce its 2014 Spring/Summer Residents. Residents are provided with funds to complete a specific project during a five-month residency cycle beginning in mid-February. These select artists form the core of Eyebeam’s community by generating new work and presenting it to the public, resulting in a critical examination of social, political and aesthetic implications of technology.

In our Spring/Summer 2014 Residency Open Call, we focused the residency program on two lines of inquiry: 

1) Information Ownership Inside The Surveillance State —  Privacy has become a luxury,  and society is increasingly becoming divided between those who control information and those whose information is controlled. Eyebeam looks to support artists and technologists who are working to understand this situation more deeply and offer critique and solutions to the emerging dilemma

2) Sonic Instrument/Installation Design — Eyebeam has recently been focusing on presentation of new sonic works, and we are looking to expand this focus to also support the design of new sonic instruments, with an eye towards what the future holds in this realm. 

The new 2014 Spring/Summer Residents:

MSHR is Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. The duo produces interactive installations, sculptures and ritualistic performances that place the human body into a dynamic relationship with sound and light, generating expanded sensory experiences. 

Ingrid Burrington is an artist and writer who writes, makes maps, and tells jokes about politics, places, and all the weird feelings people have about them. She lives in New York. 

Marisa Olson is an artist and media theorist whose interdisciplinary work addresses the cultural history of technology and the politics of participation in pop culture.