Announcing EYEBEAM 2013 Fall/Winter Residents


We are thrilled to announce the 2013 Fall/Winter Residents! Since the organization's founding in 1997, Eyebeam has supported over 250 artists and technologists through its residency and fellowship programs. Residents are provided with funds to complete a specific project during five-month residency cycles in the fall and spring; Fellows are selected based on a body of work and given 11 months to develop their practice. These select artists form the core of Eyebeam’s community by generating new work and interacting with the public, resulting in a critical examination of social, political and aesthetic implications of technology.

In our Fall/Winter 2013 Residency Open Call, we focused the residency program on a single line of inquiry: What is most important now; what does technology mean today; and how can it be creatively used and misused to expand notions of what is possible? As with all Eyebeam Residency programs, this Residents’ call supports innovative works that aim to positively change cultural relationships to new technologies.

The 2013 Fall/Winter Residents are:

Chris Woebken and Sascha Pohflepp – This project is interested in the question of whether we are living in the only universe possible or whether our experience of causality, time and agency in our world is just a fluke among all the possible universes. Woebken and Pohflepp will work with physicist Janna Levin to introduce another world into ours by creating and materializing other universes.

Ebru Kurbak and Irene Posch – Knitted Radio is an imaginative experimentation using textile technology and conductive fibers to craft a sweater that is also an FM transmitter with the intention to create debate about marginalized producer and user groups as well as alternative manufacture economies.

Wyatt Niehaus – A documentary film short concerned with the broader implications of industrial automation and how it is already coming to shape our culture in very immediate ways. The film will use as its core anecdote a factory in Japan operating under a "lights out" framework. Creating a documentary piece that takes into account the lineage of post-Ford assembly line models of production, the work will examine a specific method of production that has its roots in science fiction and is now seeing real world implementation.

Zach Blas – Informatic Opacities is a queer/feminist research project that explores themes of control and resistance around rapidly developing forms of surveillance and policing, such as biometrics and data-mining, through a mask-making workshop, a critical dystopia installation, and a surveillance teach-in.

The review team was comprised of Patricia Jones, Eyebeam Executive Director; Marko Tandefelt, Eyebeam Director of Research and Technology; Roddy Schrock, Eyebeam Director of Programs and Residencies; Ben Fino-Radin, Manager of the Digital Repositories, MoMA; Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic Editor; Laurel Ptak, Eyebeam Fellow; Stefani Bardin, Artist and former Eyebeam Resident; Brad Troemel, Eyebeam Fellow; and Jonathan Minard, Eyebeam Fellow. The team reviewed a total of 189 applications for these four positions.