Announcing Eyebeam/Public Knowledge Inaugural Residency Award


Public Knowledge and Eyebeam are thrilled to announce the inaugural recipient of this first-of-its kind joint residency program: Elisa Kreisinger! Elisa will participate in an initial 2-week orientation and familiarization process at Public Knowledge's Washington, D.C. offices and then work at Eyebeam, with our community, facilities and equipment, to produce a new work that will have a clear relationship to both organizations’ shared issue areas.

Public Knowledge is a public interest advocacy organization in Washington, DC that seeks to ensure that copyright law and communications policy promote creativity, free speech, and democratic values.

Eyebeam was born at a time when the technologies that now form the bedrock of daily life were just beginning to expand into wider arenas. A key component of Eyebeam’s mission is to support public access through open-source projects and collaboration.

This collaboration between the two organizations which are looking at many of the same issues will result in real-world, tangible, outcomes which we hope will significantly impact the public discourse around open culture. We’ll be documenting the process and hope you will join us in this exciting new initiative!

To view the original call for proposals, check here.