Announcing Fall/Winter 2012 Residencies


Eyebeam is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2012 Fall/Winter Residencies beginning in late September. All incoming artists and technologists receive generous stipends and 24/7 access to Eyebeam's design, research, and fabrication studios. Eyebeam residencies support the creative research, production and presentation of initiatives querying art, technology and culture. This 5 month residency is a period of concentration and immersion in artistic investigation, daring research and production of visionary, experimental applications and projects.


Sarah Grant

Jonas Lund (recipient of collaborative residency with Baltan Laboratories)

Jonathan Vingiano

Jonathan Minard

Anton Marini

This season Eyebeam is focusing on three residency tracks: 

Progress - encouraging work that is paradigm shifting within genres including cultural capital, information design, urbanism, and sustainability;

Vision - literacy required to understand current state of visual complexity poses ever fresh challenges - the field of computer visualization is one that Eyebeam continues to support;

Collaborative Residency with Baltan Laboratories (Netherlands)  - organized around the theme of "Cultural Economies" with the goal of instigating new work that critically examines the ability of artists to maintain cultural relevance in an age of limited resources.

Eyebeam Residents are selected from two yearly open calls. Selection panelists for this cycle include Mark Shepard (Eyebeam Fellow), Marko Tandefelt (Tech. Director at Eyebeam), Lindsay Howard (curator, Eyebeam Fellow), Roddy Schrock (Eyebeam Assoc. Dir. of Programs and Residencies), Melissa Levin (LMCC Residency Director), Kyle Chayka (critic, writer), Boris Debackere (Program Director, V2_, Rotterdam), Brian House (artist, Eyebeam Resident), Nick Fox-Gieg (Eyebeam Fellow), and Ramsey Nasser (Eyebeam Fellow).