Eyebeam Digitial Fabrication Tools

create objects and prototypes from 2d and 3d computer files

Laser Cutters
Universal Laser Systems X2-660 and v460 120 watt and 60 watt CO2 lasers

Cuts or etches acrylic, wood, cork, paper, cardboard, leather up ½ inch thickness, marks glass or stone for etching. Work from  2 dimensional vector graphics files (.ai, .eps, .dxf, .dwg, .svg, etc).  Has an 18 x 32 inch honeycomb bed in one, a 18 x 24 bed in the other. Can be used in a 2 step process to produce thin metal parts.

Plastic Extrusion 3d Printer
Makerbot Z18 Fused Deposition Modeler

Prints 3-d objects by melting plastic and extruding models layer by layer. The main selling point of the Z18 is a large working area of 11.8 x 12 x 18 inches. It’s max resolution is .1 mm, and it prints PLA plastic, which is available in many colors, although you can only print one at a time. Prints from common 3d files (.stl, .obj )

Liquid Resin 3d Printer
Formlabs +1 Stereolithograph

The speciality of the Formlabs is fine resolution. It uses a UV laser to cure a liquid resin with the layers being as fine as .025mm. There are resins available that cure completely flexible, ones that are meant to burn out of molds for investment casting, and a few colors. Prints from common 3d files (.stl,.obj)

CNC mill/ 3D Contact Scanner
Roland Modela MDX-40A

This machine cuts 3-d models out of blocks or cylinders of wood, plastic, wax, foam or other materials of similar hardness. It has a maximum working size of 12 x 12 x 4 inches. It can cut in 4 axes with the rotary table attachment. It can etch the copper traces for custom circuit boards. The machine can produce parts with a tolerance of .05mm that require no surface finishing. It also has a contacting 3d scanner that can produce extremely fine resolution scans- down to .02mm- although it is very slow. Prints from common 3d files (.STL, .DXF, .3DM, or .IGS/.IGES) or without a model through a direct interface, for simple milling.

Powder Based Full Color 3d Printer (coming soon)
3D systems Projet 460+

 Glues gypsum powder together layer by layer to build 3d objects. Creates full color objects right out of the machine. Takes a bit of post-processing to clean up and strengthen objects, but build times are fast. Working area of 8 x10 x 8 inches. Common 3d file types.