Eyebeamers @ Conflux 2010


Conflux, the art and technology festival for the creative exploration of urban public space, one again presents a huge array of interactive art and technology events over the weekend of October 08–10, 2010 in the East Village. Participants will transform the neighborhood into a street-based laboratory with art installations, interactive performances, games, guided expeditions and more. Indoor events, headquartered at NYU's Barney Building (34 Stuyvesant St.), include a keynote address by renowned urban explorer Steve Duncan, evening performances and the Conflux Café series of artist-led talks and workshops.

Once again, Eyebeam peeps are everywhere at this year's Conflux Festival! New works will be presented by Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena, Patrick Lichty, Tahir Hemphill, Patrick Davison, and there will be long table discussion with Steve Dietz, Eve Mosher, Mark Shepard, Ricardo M. Zuñiga, Michael Mandiberg and Brooke Singer. We'll see you there!