Eyebeam is more committed than ever to working with its illustrious extended alumni family in producing new programming in our West Chelsea space and providing support for your ideas around public programs and workshops. As this is our 15th anniversary year, we are looking for exciting ideas, large and small, that either look back to our past accomplishments or forward to new challenges.  

In 2012, we are reinvigorating our plans to work with alumni in creative and inspiring ways, beginning on a rolling proposal basis. We hold program meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and will review proposals at that time. Unfortunately, we can't say yes to everything, but we want to support your ongoing work as much as possible. Budgets are tight, but outside of that we can offer space and limited production support and a thriving and active collaborative environment of amazing artists and technologists.  And with enough lead time we can work with you to identify possible funding sources for larger projects.

We are currently considering proposals for:

1) Workshops - opportunity to share ideas in a hands-on environment that engages a wide range of ages and skill levels, with a focus on project-based or theme-based activities.

2) Installations in Main Space - We are planning to keep the eastern 2/3 of our Main Space open for public presentation of work through installation or potentially one-off events (currently the Lumarca and SpacePod) when not in use for Exhibitions or rentals. At the moment, we have availability from February 20 'til April 1 and would be very interested in hearing your ideas about larger scale works/installations that could fill the space. 

 3) Window Gallery - We've activated our Window Gallery on 21st Street and are interested in hearing curatorial or individual proposals for works that could potentially be exhibited there. Exact dimensions can be provided upon request.

 4) Project Space - The Eyebeam Project Space is a new initiative to show work that can benefit from user-testing and presentation. It can act as a temporary installation and or performance space, it is setup near the front of the R&D Lab area. Exact dimensions are available upon request.

 5) Sound Proposals - The Eyebeam Sound Research Group is very active and we are initiating a new series of sound performance events and presentations, including installations, hackathons, performances, symposia, and other types of events. If you work in sound, please join our research group and help us put together exciting events!

 6) Screening Series - From the beginning of April, Eyebeam will initiate a screening series, the first thematic is around "Made @ Eyebeam", short moving image works that were developed at Eyebeam or grew out of work started at Eyebeam. If you have work you'd like included, let us know!

 7) CoLab - Need a desk and an internet connection in Chelsea during Eyebeam's Open Hours (Tuesday - Saturday, 12-6)? Submit a brief outline that includes how many hours and which days you would like to use a desk here and we'll try our best to accommodate you, depending on how many current Residents and Fellows are working with us at any given time. This is a test stage of alumni access that will eventually feed into a larger CoLab co-working initiative, providing space and tools for alumni and partner organizations at a highly subsidized rate. Now, for a limited time and depending on availability, a desk and internet connection can be provided free of charge at a maximum 1.5 month basis (this will increase once we move into more permanent CoLab space), with potential to renew. Requires scheduling at minimum two weeks in advance.

8) ReBlog - We're going to resuscitate the highly influential and still very cool ReBlog, work is being done as we speak to bring the archives back online and create a new presentation of this visionary project. If you would like to be a ReBlogger, just let us know. Alumni get first dibs. 

9) Your KickStarter project on our curated page - If you would like to have your KickStarter project featured on the Eyebeam curated page, just drop us a line, and we'll add it! 

10) Updates to the Eyebeam Facade - Historically, the Eyebeam facade on 21st has been a hot spot for graffiti artists and muralists. We'd like to hear your ideas about work that could be presented on one of our most valuable assets: the giant Eyebeam wall. Eventually we'll create an open call with specific criteria, but in the meantime we're open to suggestions from you, the creators that know us the best.