New Summer Residents!


We have a very exciting group of artists that will be working with us this summer! Hernani Dias will be joining us and connecting with Andes Sprouts Society upstate to make mobile farms, mobile composters, and mobile greenhouses, bringing his re:farm the city project to New York. Jon Cohrs will be coming on as a fellow, beginning work on a series of projects including his new plant prosthetic appendages project, creating life support systems for plants. And in the inaugural joint Eyebeam/V2 (Rotterdam) residency, Mark Shepard will be joining us starting this month, then completing the production of The Sentient City Survival Kit at V2's Test Lab. Additionally, Drew Hemment, founder and Artistic Director of FutureEverything, will work with us starting next month in his position as an Honorary Resident. It's going to be a fun summer at Eyebeam, stay tuned!!

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