Pd Intro. Workshop - Dec. 5

We're getting our iPhones and iPod Touches ready to go for some crazy cool RjDj action on December 5! As part of that SkillShare, we're holding a 1.5 hour Intro. Workshop on Pd for those who want to take part in the SkillShare but are still learning basics of electronic music programming. The only prerequisite for the Workshop is to have done something with Pd or Max/MSP before. If you consider yourself a beginner it would help a lot to run through the Pd audio tutorials before attending.

The introductory workshop will run from 12:00 until 1:30 PM, led by Hans-Christoph Steiner, before the actual SkillShare which starts at 2:00. Here are the full details with a sign-up link for this free event.

This whole event is a pre-cursor to the RjDj launch party on Dec. 11, and sprint at the Holiday Hackshop on December 12!

People: Hans-Christoph Steiner
Research: Education
Tags: RjDj, pd