skill development for Eyebeam artists and staff


I'm really excited about the internal SkillShares, for current artists, staff, and alumni, starting next week. The topics are full of practical/essential information for everybody working in house right now. On May 11, Michael Mandiberg is going to look at what constitutes a successful use of a Creative Commons licensed work, with a focus on non-textual and non-code uses of the license. He's going to discuss three recent CC licensed projects: the Bright Idea Shade (with Steve Lambert), Bright Bike, and Digital Foundations: An Intro to Media Design (with xtine burrough). Then on May 18, Michael Mandiberg and Steve Lambert will hold a two-part session, discussing best-practices for sharing, focusing on practical ways artists/technologists can most efficiently harness social networking and online networks to diffuse their work to new audiences. Michael will look at ways of sharing images, with a focus on Flickr. Steve will give an overview of how to use WPFolio, a free and open source website template on WordPress, created by artists and for artists.

Good stuff!