Setting up new server on Amazon's ec2


I wanted to set up a custom database and server for the new version of
I decided to go with MongoDB for database setup and Node.JS running on ec2. This way I’ll be able to keep everything javascript, and have a fast and scalable system from the get-go.

This is the first time I tried installing a server and it took some time to figure out. So I figured I should post some tips and links to tutorials I used along the way.

The first step was setting up an Amazon Web Services account. They offer a free one-year mini virtual ec2 machine which is great for starting a small project that can be scaled up easily if needed. The instructions on setting up an ec2 instance are pretty straight-forward. Something I was stuck on for a while is adding the private .pem key to my ssh settings for easier shell access. This is done with this command.

$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/key_name.pem

Next it was time to download and install mongodb:

pretty easy

Next setting up Node.JS. I made the mistake of installing the unstable version at first which did work with some of the modules, so I recommend the older, stable one. Some helpful instructions here:
except for the command:
$ sudo ./configure --without-ssl
it should be just
$ sudo ./configure

the install npm (nodejs package manager)
$ curl | sudo sh

finally this tutorial was extremely helpful in setting up a site and getting familiar with node.js and mongo functionality:

Next Step will be porting the existing code (php and mysql) to the new setup, writing an api and putting everything on github.


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Tags: ec2, mongodb, node.js