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Workshop Schedule Updates / Opportunities for
Eyebeam Roadshow at 01SJ


workshops with Mouna Andraos & fluxxlab

$20 materials fee

Workshop #1: Thursday, September 16 - Friday, September 17, 12-5pm
Workshop #2: Saturday, September 18 - Sunday, September 19, 12-5pm

In this workshop, participants will assemble and take home their own Personal PowerPlant. The Personal powerPlant is a portable device that harnesses electricity through a hand crank generator (with solar cell option) into a rechargeable battery for use in powering portable electronic devices through a USB terminal.  The workshop will begin with an introduction to circuit basics and a group discussion on sustainable energy harvesting.  Personal powerPlant DIY kits will be available for purchase during the workshop.  The first version of the kit (v1) can be seen on the Instructables website - http://www.instructables.com/id/personal-powerPlant/.

This workshop is for: Anyone curious, teen-adult; or pre-teens with adult collaborators

Register here: http://01sj.org/2010/attend/workshops/personal-power-plant/



workshop and discussion

Saturday, September 18, 5:30PM

Join artist Jeff Crouse as he talks about his work, and invites guests to get hands-on with his new video filter, Unlogo, that strips corporate logos (or other elements) from your videos, and replaces them with images of your choice.

Free, drop-in. More info here: http://eyebeam.org/projects/unlogo


guided tours and demonstration with Jon Cohrs (Eyebeam Fellow) and Morgan Levy

Drop-in demonstrations: Thursday, Saturday & Sunday, September 16, 18 & 19, 1-3pm
Guided Tours: Friday, September 17,
11am-2pm & Saturday, September 18, 11am-2pm

Are you feeling depressed? Sick of paying exorbitant rates for birth control? Try Alviso’s Medicinal All-Salt - harvested locally at the 01SJ Biennial.

All-Salt is a unique low-dosage cocktail of our most commonly used drugs, all brought together in one simple salt remedy. Our process harvests two popular commodities, sea salt and recycled pharmaceuticals from water treatment plants, to produce All-Salt: a medicinal salt for every condition, hand harvested and sun dried for purity.

At the 01SJ Biennial, All-Salt founders will build and operate on-site salt evaporation ponds, offer up samples of their fine product, provide tours of South San Francisco Bay harvesting waters and industrial salt ponds, and provide information on the medicinal bounty supplied by the yet-unregulated pharmaceutical disposal industry. http://www.all-salt.com

These events are for: Anyone curious, all ages.

Register for the tours here: http://01sj.org/2010/attend/workshops/reuptake-salt/



with Michael Mandiberg

(1) Three-day drop-in disscussion:
Friday, September 17 5:30-7pm
Saturday, September 18 & Sunday, September 19, 3:30-5PM

This workshop will teach you how to do things to web pages after they load. For example replacing dollars with barrels of oil (http://oilstandard.org), ads with art (http://add-art.org), or, say, every mention of Eddie Van Halen with a picture of him flying through the air.

This workshop is for adults and teens. Prerequisites: Javascript or other scripting or programming language experience

Register here: http://01sj.org/2010/attend/workshops/firefox-plugins-and-greasemonkey/


discussion with Taeyoon Choi

Saturday, September 18, 2:30-4PM

In this performative lecture and discussion Taeyoon Choi and invited artists will examine ideas presented in Taeyoon's new project 'Urban Programming 101: Stage Directions'. Excerpt text from the book: "There is a logical system in which urban spaces operate; therefore it is understood as a 'program'. 'Programming' urban space means controlling your urban experience and producing your space...I realized producing an alternative space is indifferent to experimenting alternative politics. I'd like to take you on a journey of thinking creatively and critically about urban space, hoping there still is a space for intervention and creative community." www.urbanprogram.info

This lecture + discussion is for: Anyone curious, teen–adult

Register here: http://01sj.org/2010/attend/workshops/urban-programming-101-stage-directions/


/// Ticket Machine Makeathon! ///

Drop-in anytime during these hours:
September 15, 12-8PM
September 16, 9AM-5PM

James Stone - a new media artist with research in robotics and physical computing - is joining the Roadshow team to work with us to finish Kaho Abe's Ticket Machine.

The Ticket Machine is a collaborative Rube Goldberg installation which starts with a coin drop and ends with a receipt-printer that prints out a ticket; between the coin and the printer are any number of electronically or mechanically triggered elements. Collaborators will create each element of the Rube Goldberg machine, that is triggered by the machine before it and will trigger the machine after it - the only rule is that the machine has to reset itself. The workshop will use simple sensors, triggers, and recycled machine parts, and the Arduino Mega to connect all the machine elements.

We are looking for tinkerers, hackers, engineers, and designers to wrap this puppy up. Some experience with physical computing and machine hacking required. Teams of 2 or 3 can sign up together, in which case, only one team member has to understand the hacking components. We expect an team of two will need at least 4hours to complete a project.

Kaho Abe's Ticket Machine machine



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