Introduction to Sound Art & Electronic Music


Eyebeam Fellow Taeyoon Choi, in collaboration with The Public School New York and various artists, presents a multi-week class exploring sound art and electronic music.

Class Schedule:

2/5 from 1PM-5PM @ Eyebeam
Introduction to Sound Art #1
with Mike Clemow
Discussion will focus on the basics of sound, acoustics, field recording, and musique concrète. Demonstrations will use Audacity to present a wide repertoire of sound sources in composing a piece.

2/12 from 1PM-4PM @ Goethe Institute Wyoming Building
Physicality of Sound
with Jamie Allen
Sound as investigation - Sound as a way of understanding the universe. Basic DIY circuit bending with contact mics and resistors. Students invited to bring DIY instruments or conductive material to make an ensemble.

2/19 from 1PM-4PM @ Eyebeam
Introduction to Sound Art #2
with Travis Houldcroft
Laptop as studio. Digital audio. Basic synthesis. Microphones. Students will import sound captured with their own devices or instruments. Students will present homework. Intro to Max / PD

3/5 from 1PM-3PM @ Eyebeam (conference room)
Colliding Sounds
with Roddy Schrock
Intro. to the open source sound software SuperCollider. For any artist, sound or otherwise, that wants to learn basics of this sophisticated and free software, specifically in the context of how it can be used in installation contexts (sound triggering, syncing, OSC communication) or creative sample manipulation (buffers, buses, granular synthesis).

3/19 from 1PM-3PM @ Eyebeam (conference room)
Politics of Noise
with Taeyoon Choi
Lecture/discussion about political nature of noise and public space. Brief history of noise in the twentieth century and urban development. Walking tour with field recorder and invented devices.

Date TBA @ Eyebeam
Class Concert & Final Presentation
with Jackson Moore
Evening of sound exploration and experiments with works made by the students of this class.


This series is free and open to the public. For more information, updates and class registration, visit:


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