Eyebeam - Start!


So here's my first entry to the Spacesuit Gloves blog.  I won second place in NASA's Astronaut Glove Challenge in November 2009, and am starting a residency here at Eyebeam to digitize, refine and perfect the flat patterning of the gloves, and experiment with new materials using the laser cutter.  I also hope to develop wrist bearings (for easy pronation/supination) and disconnects using the 3D printer, and to move past gloves to develop the basics of a full body, safe, low weight hermetic suit.

I'm very excited to be moving my vacuum chamber glove box to Eyebeam tomorrow- I have been customizing and repairing the unit for the last month, and it finally holds a full vacuum!  I have several gloves to experiment with to start out, and am working on my next iteration right now.

Currently I am prepping for a trip to Houston in April, to the Johnson Space Center.  I have been invited by NASA to exhibit my gloves to spacesuit engineers, and to compare hand to hand my gloves with the current Phase VI I.L.C. technology.  I will be bringing both the gloves I used in the November contest and a new pair of heat sealed, factory laminated, super-durable gloves, for which I am still perfecting joining techniques.  Anyone know anything about ultrasonic welding of synthetic wovens?