Hydro-test Inflator


This is my new hydro-test glove inflator, pictured with the latest glove, version 3.4.  I use the inflator to find leaks in the glove, under water.  The bubbles that form when pressurized are much easier to see when not immersed in air!  I tried to keep bulk down here to allow easy manipulation in the tub...

I "printed" out the white plastic base to the glove, along with the blanking plate and axial restraints at the base, on Eyebeam's 3D printer.  They work great in very low pressure situations- I don't need more than 1 psi over ambient to test under water.  The 3D printer material, PVC, is not really pressure tight because of the way it is extruded, and does not take the high screw torque required for higher pressure testing.

NASA's current suits operate at 4.3 psi, and testing requires at least 8 psi without distortion.  Burst test requirements are over 17 psi, which would probably break this base!