Eyebeam Annual Fundraiser


A letter from Eyebeam's Executive Director, Pat Jones:

Dear Eyebeam supporters,

Today, Eyebeam is kicking off our annual year-end fundraiser and we are asking for your support as we enter the next exciting chapter in the organization’s history.

This has been a very active year for Eyebeam, with programs and exhibitions ranging from F.A.T. Gold, our exhibition celebrating the five-year anniversary of F.A.T. Lab, to PRISM Breakup, a three-day series of events around issues of security and privacy.
We also developed three new research initiatives: Computational Fashion – introducing the fashion world to opportunities in new technology and wearable materials; New Cinema – working with creative coders, technologists and filmmakers to explore future possibilities in visual storytelling; and Open(Art) – our collaborative project with Mozilla to develop creative tools for web-based work. 
Public programs and artists residencies are integral to our core mission – supporting risk-taking work and the artists and creative technologists who make it. This year alone we supported the practice and research of 29 talented artists, curators and technologists. To make this happen, we have always depended on the support of you and others who see Eyebeam as essential to the overlapping worlds of art and technology. Today, we need that support more than ever. 
As you may already know, Eyebeam is about to embark on an exciting but challenging period of change and growth. We have been selected to be the cultural anchor in a building to be built in the heart of Brooklyn’s Cultural District, cater-cornered to the BAM Opera House and down the street from the Atlantic Terminal. This move will enable us to own our own space in a thriving cultural hub, near many of our current audience and down the street from a major transportation center. We are already planning new program initiatives that will be possible in this space and are excited to reach an expanded audience. 
Because we do not expect to be in our new home until late 2016, we will be moving sometime in 2014 to temporary space. During this transition we plan to continue our residency program and public events, either in our own space or in other spaces throughout the city. Before we leave Chelsea, however, we have a full schedule of events planned and trust you will visit us often before the move.
Please help us continue our work and plan for the future by making a generous contribution today.
For your support, we will send you an Eyebeam-related gift as our way of saying thank you:

·       $5 - $25: A digital copy of alumnus DJ/rupture’s remix of Lamin Fofana’s ‘Africans are Real’ made with his Sufi Plug In software;
·      $50:  A limited-edition set Eyebeam trading cards featuring our current Fellows and Residents;
·      $75: An Eyebeam tote bag featuring our new dynamic logo, developed by alumnus Ramsey Nasser and designed by Project Projects;
·      $100 and above: all three gifts.
We look forward to seeing you at Eyebeam in the New Year!

With thanks and best wishes for the holidays,
Pat Jones
Executive Director