We’re 18. And even though that’s basically 100 in non-profit years, Eyebeam is still inventing itself. Support our process of continual reinvention and help us hit another coming of age.

Eyebeam coined the phrase “creative technologist,” and our compelling model for mixing experimental practices has been widely adopted in the decades since. This year we turned 18 and continue to draw on the youthful innovation and deep experience that is Eyebeam to cultivate the next generation of technologists, artists and designers. As Andrew Rasiej, founder of Personal Democracy Media and chairman of the New York Tech Meetup puts it, Eyebeam is “one of NYC's earliest technology and arts organizations, and helped lay the foundation for Silicon Alley.” We aren’t just ahead of the curve. We drew it.

Before Tumblr, there was reBlog. Before Buzzfeed, there was Open Labs. With Processing, came Open Frameworks. With bitcoin, came Monegraph. It’s precisely because we’ve never outlined our goals beforehand that every play which comes out of our book is game-changing.

Photo above by Christine Butler


We are currently accepting lightly used or new sofas, cutlery, and other housewares to make the studio space more home-like. Please contact info [at] eyebeam [dot] org with the subject line "Wishlist" if you would like to contribute in kind.