Contagious Media Showdown - Workshops

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7 May 2005 - 19 May 2005
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Welcome to Contagious Media by Jonah Peretti, with Ze Frank, Cory Arcangel, and Paul Berry

In this introductory presentation, the Eyebeam team will get you up to speed on Contagious Media. You will see some of the web's "greatest hits" and learn about the Bored at Work Network, blogs, and tipping points. The team will also give an overview of the workshops happening throughout the day.

Dirt Style Design by Cory Arcangel

99% percent of the Internet looks like hell. Far away from the Flash designed corporate sites, and the million dollar design jobs, are everyday homepages. This workshop will embrace this degraded aesthetic as the true spirit of the web. Workshop participants will team up with Dirt Style master Cory Arcangel to make a brand new site with a homemade feel.

The Mass Hoax by Paul Berry

This workshop explains how you can make your own Bonsai Kitten, send your dog to live free forever on Dog Island, and get a piece of Bill Gates fortune just by forwarding an email. Find out how to create a cast of supporting characters, work the press and come up with launch strategies. Instructor Paul Berry (co-creator of Dog Island) will cover some of the Internet's best hoaxes and provide tips for pulling a fast one on a few million people.

Be Prepared by Ze Frank

So lets say you just put a cute picture of your cat sleeping next to a picture of an even cuter cat sleeping. You send this to a few friends, and a few hours later, millions of people are forwarding the link and your bandwidth bill is enough to pay your college education. Then the New York Times calls wanting to do a piece in the Sunday Styles, but the Today Show producer is demanding an exclusive. This workshop will explain how to deal with success.

Contagious Mechanics by Cameron Marlow

Learn how to track Contagious Media with the guy that invented Blogdex. He will show you how to use public sites like Blogdex, Alexa, google, and, to track your project and will present new techniques that will shape media tracking in the future.

Know Your Rights by Wendy Seltzer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Let's say you created a funny site with the Yes Men...funny until the cease and desist letter shows up and lawyers start calling. This workshop will cover legal issues common to the contagious media world, and tactics to avoid lawsuits and legal problems. The tips and legal advice will come from tech savvy public interest lawyer Wendy Seltzer, who also runs the Chilling Effectsweb site.

Cats, Confessions, Office Supplies & Harnessing the Masses by Ze Frank

This workshop will feature contagious media projects that rely on community participation. From the Infinite Cat Project to When Office Supplies Attackpeople are willing to donate their time and creativity to on-line projects. Ze Frank has thousands of people playing on his web site each day and he will show you how to create the right environment to get people excited and involved.

Advanced Contagious Media Mechanics by Michael Frumin and Joshua Schachter

Warning: this class is not for beginners. The man behind Fundrace and thereBlog software, secretive white hat Eyebeam hacker Michael Frumin (known more by his tag "The Fruminator") will be giving a rare but highly anticipated public appearance. He will be joined by Joshua Schachter, The Creator and a long-time member of the Eyebeam family. This advanced class will discuss the grey area of Contagious Media, aka spoofed URLS, fake website hits, and Google scams. Put simply, they will discuss different techniques and approaches to gaming the showdown contest -- faking traffic, link spamming, and search engine optimization. Not to be missed.

Comedy Contagion by Chelsea Peretti

Standup comic and humorist Chelsea Peretti is the co-creator of theRejection Line and Black People Love Us. In this workshop, participants will look at various comedic projects that have circulated widely on the web and then brainstorm ways to strengthen and build upon their own ideas for the competition. Laughter is infectious. For Contagious Media Showdown entries it could mean the difference between winning and losing. (Note: this description is intentionally humorless.)

Identity Correction by The Yes Men

In this keynote, the Yes Men will show you how to impersonate the world's most powerful corporations and organizations. You will learn the process of "identity correction", a special kind of contagious media that helps activists get their message to the masses. The Yes Men have received international media attention for correcting the identity of the World Trade Organization, McDonald's, and Dow Chemical. For their live performance at Eyebeam, they will clone an official corporate web site, subtly change the content so it actually reflects the truth, and upload to a new server. Then they will give the cloned web site to a lucky audience member who can become a Yes Man by taking the controls of the site.

Subservient Chicken and the Mini Robot by Jeff Benjamin, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

In this keynote, ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky will present two highly successful web campaigns: Subservient Chicken and the Mini Cooper Robot. The Interactive Creative director who worked on these campaigns will share some tricks of the trade and explain why a leading ad firm is spending time making funny projects for the web. After their keynote presentation, a CPB representative will review portfolios or online work of people interested in employment with their firm.

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