POst Global warming Survival Kit

In the running up to the climate summit in Copenhagen, we’re featuring two approaches to the subject.

1. One approach to the subject is an installation by Petko Dourmana which “portrays a dystopian scenario: a “nuclear winter” initiated by political groups or governments in order to solve the problem of global warming and the melting of the polar icecaps.” Using night vision goggles and infrared projections one can navigate the dark post-apocalyptic north pole. It suggested a future where we may be blind without technology and thus highlighting the contradiction this dependance has been created by unchecked technology and its subsequent damage to the environment. Part of Transmediale ‘09.

2. Another approach suggested by Amazon is “The Global Warming Survival Kit: The Must-have Guide to Overcoming Extreme Weather, Power Cuts, Food Shortages and Other Climate Change Disasters” by Brian Clegg capitalises on the fear of ..” Don’t wait until it’s too late: your survival could be at stake.” While we may face these issues, I doubt that the “how to survive a shark attack” type literature will do much prepare you. But the fact that bandwagon authors are seizing the day causes pause.