Diana Eng at Q2L for Super Hero Costume design

For our final Super Design Wednesday at Q2L with Institute of Play, Eyebeam Resident and Fashion Technologist Diana Eng worked students to design super-hero costumes using a mechanical engineering strategy known as "deployable structures." A deployable structure is something that changes shape easily, such as an umbrella. In particular, the students learned about something called "biomemetics" - a term scientists and designers use to describe a man-made object that uses something from nature as its model. A basic and well known example is velcro, which was patterned off of a plant that clings to something that rubs against it. Diana introduced students to these concepts by sharing some of her own designs - featured in her book, Fashion Geek, as well as designs from her time as a Project Runway contestant.

At Q2L, small teams of students used the miura-ori folding structure, which is patterened off of leaves found in nature, to think up designs for super hero costumes. Their ideas ranged from sheilds that were disguised as ties that could be worn as evening wear, to wings that folded and unfolded as you raise or lower your arms. One student designed a cape, and throwing disc that could be stored within the folds of an ornate peacock helm. Everyone liked the idea of a costume that could be folded or tucked away for superheros in disguise!

Ream more about Diana's current project, Fairytale Fashion here: http://fairytalefashion.org/



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