Diana, It's Been a Pleasure, Part 2

So now that I've gotten that off my chest. I can let all you AMAZING READERS (2 or 3?...Just Kidding...) out there in cyberspace know what I've been up to for the past few Months. I'm going to compress it because it's been a lot and I don't want to write for hours. So, if this feels short, it's at your connivence. 

SO. I've been meeting with Diana every thursday, and we've also been hanging out after hours, wether it's been going to fabric stores and marveling at the zipper section, walking through Macy's criticizing handbags we could never afford, or riding home on the Q, since we live a stop away from each other in Brooklyn. On Thursdays, we've been preparing for our fashion show later this month...I've even learned how to cut out patterns, the right way. It was like the Karate Kid, but with tons of felt and blood....just kidding. Although I did prick my finger a bunch of times from pins. 
We even witnessed a guerrilla fashion shoot outside of Eyebeam...brand still in question...something with Richie Rich. 
The fashion show is going to be pretty FIERCE!, with press and nobel prize winners...Even MIT professors! It's going to be amazing! Im so excited. And the clothes...amazingly Feroach (Feer-Osh). 

We have a Facebook that I've been working on, along with Diana's other intern Nova, and you can find it here: 
Check it out! You'll find videos, pictures and more behind the scenes stuff. And by stuff I mean more pictures! 


And I'll hopefully keep you posted about the Fashion Show (if Steph makes me blog again)...
just kidding. Really. I'll totally post about it. 
Until then! 



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